14 Park Row, Nottingham

Posted: 11th March 2024

Author: Grace Conisbee


Client and location: 14 Park Row, Nottingham.

Sector: Office

Services provided: Property & Asset Management, Agency & Development, Building Consultancy, Professional Services: Service Charge Management, Property Management, Lettings, Building Surveys, Valuation.

Sustainability focus: Implementing sustainability measures such as upgrading to energy-efficient windows and moving to a green energy tariff.

Challenge: The building required modernisation in terms of energy efficiency and overall management to align with carbon reduction strategies and enhance value.

Client Testimonial

“We value the comprehensive service provided by Innes England, from the sustainable upgrades to the full management of the property. The new windows have made a significant difference, helping to make our property more energy-efficient.”

The Solution

Innes England’s comprehensive approach included several key services:

  • Sustainability initiatives: Upgraded all windows to double glazing for improved energy efficiency.
  • Agency services: Effectively marketed the property, leveraging its new sustainable features to attract environmentally conscious tenants and investors.
  • Building consultancy: Conducted thorough surveys to identify areas for sustainable upgrades and to ensure compliance with environmental standards.
  • Professional services: Provided expert valuation advice, taking into account the increased value due to sustainability improvements.
  • Property & asset management:
    • Service charge management: Managed service charges efficiently, incorporating costs related to sustainability upgrades while ensuring fairness and transparency.
    • Full management services: Oversaw all aspects of property management, ensuring smooth operations and tenant satisfaction.

The Results

  • Enhanced property value and appeal: The sustainability upgrades, combined with expert valuation and agency services, significantly enhanced the property’s market value and appeal.
  • Energy efficiency improvements: The window upgrade led to reduced energy consumption, lower heating costs, and improved EPC rating.
  • Tenant satisfaction and attraction: The property became more attractive to prospective tenants, especially those prioritising sustainability.
  • Client satisfaction: The client appreciated the multifaceted approach, which not only improved the building’s sustainability but also its overall management and market positioning.


The case study of 14 Park Row in Nottingham highlights Innes England’s proficiency in providing a holistic property management service. Their ability to combine sustainability initiatives with comprehensive management services, including agency, building surveying, and valuation, underscores their commitment to enhancing property value while aligning with environmental goals. This approach not only improved the property’s efficiency and market appeal but also ensured client and tenant satisfaction through proactive and integrated management strategies.

“The replacement windows at 14 Park Row not only enhance the property’s feel but also significantly impact its energy consumption, security, and overall progression towards sustainability.”

Grace Conisbee, Management Surveyor at Innes England