84 Friar Lane, Nottingham

Posted: 11th March 2024

Author: Ross Whiting


Client and location: 84 Friar Lane, a Grade II listed building in Nottingham.

Sector: Office.

Services provided: Building Consultancy, Property & Asset Management, Agency and Development: Dilapidations, Property Management and Sales

Challenge: The client required comprehensive services including a dilapidation survey, repair and redecoration works, ongoing property management, and marketing for sale.


“After completing the in-depth assessment, our team negotiated the dilapidations claim with the tenant on behalf of the landlord. This enabled the landlord to undertake the necessary external and internal repair and redecoration works. Our team was retained to project manage the works as part of an integrated, highly efficient service”.
Mike Thorne, Head of Building Consultancy Innes England

The Solution

Coordinated Multi-Departmental Services by Innes England:

  • Building consultancy: Conducted a detailed dilapidation survey and negotiated the dilapidations claim with the tenant, enabling the landlord to carry out necessary repairs and redecoration. 
  • Property & asset management: Managed the property on a consultancy basis, addressing issues such as vacant property warranties, utility administration, and reactive and proactive repairs. 
  • Agency and development: Marketed the property for sale, highlighting its impressive features and prime location. 

The Results

  • Successful dilapidations claim: Negotiations led to a positive outcome, allowing the landlord to refurbish the property effectively.
  • Enhanced property management: Ensured the property was well-maintained and compliant with necessary warranties and requirements.
  • Effective marketing for sale: The property’s appealing features and location attracted significant interest.
  • Seamless integration of services: The collaboration between different departments within Innes England provided a holistic service that added value at every stage of the property’s lifecycle.


84 Friar Lane highlights Innes England’s ability to deliver a comprehensive range of property services that seamlessly integrate building surveying, property asset management, and agency and development. The approach not only resolved the immediate challenges of the Grade II listed office building, but also positioned it strongly in the market for the future sale. This project showcases Innes England’s expertise in managing and enhancing historic properties, ensuring they meet modern standards while retaining their unique character.

“Our team is pleased to be providing a hassle-free solution, supporting our client in meeting their vacant property warranties and requirements, utility administration as well as general reactive and proactive repair issues that may arise. Once the sale has been secured we will be delighted to offer our full management service for the premises.”

Gary Woodward, Head of Property Asset Management, Innes England

 “The impressive 4,364 sq ft two-storey Victorian building offers attractive architectural detail and is located in the heart of Nottingham’s city centre making it an appealing office for a business. We are very pleased to be advising and acting on behalf of our client, on the sale of this property and have already gained good levels of interest.”

Ross Whiting MRICS, Director, Innes England