Dilapidations Surveys for Staffline in Skelmersdale and Huntington

Posted: 8th March 2024

Author: Mike Thorne


Client: Staffline

Location: Skelmersdale and Huntington

Sector: Office

Service Provided: Building Consultancy: Dilapidations

Challenge: Providing comprehensive dilapidation assessments for two Staffline premises to determine the best strategy for office operations and maintenance.

Client Testimonial

“Mike and the team have provided advice and dilapidation surveys on many occasions, providing intricate detail on the best way forward for the company. We are very grateful to Innes England and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

The Solution

In-Depth Dilapidations Assessment by Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team:

Notional surveys: The team undertook detailed notional dilapidations surveys at both Skelmersdale and Huntington locations to assess current conditions and potential lease-end obligations.

Strategic Advice: We provided Staffline with strategic advice based on survey findings to help the firm to operate its offices more efficiently.

Director-led approach: Led by Mike Thorne, Director of Innes England, the team ensured a high level of expertise and experience was applied to the surveys and subsequent advice.

The Results

Informed decision-making: Staffline received in-depth insights into its premises’ condition, enabling the company to make informed decisions about future operations and maintenance.

Long-term client relationship: Reinforced a long-standing working relationship with Staffline, underlining Innes England’s commitment to ongoing client support.

Strategic efficiency: The advice provided by Innes England helped Staffline to efficiently manage its property portfolio and plan for future needs.

Mike Thorne, Director of Innes England:

“We have been working with Staffline for a number of years providing advice as and when required. We have completed a number of surveys for its properties over the last few months to help it operate more efficiently, and another recent instruction will see us return to Manchester.”


This case study highlights Innes England’s proficiency in conducting thorough dilapidations surveys and providing strategic advice for commercial tenants. This work with Staffline in Skelmersdale and Huntington demonstrates our ability to offer valuable insights and guidance, helping clients to manage their property assets effectively. Innes England’s commitment to adding value at every stage of the property lifecycle and with a diverse service offering, including dilapidations, building surveys, development monitoring, and design and project management, showcases our capacity to meet and exceed the diverse needs of clients.