Development Monitoring at Cow Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham

Posted: 8th March 2024

Author: Mike Thorne


Location: Cow Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham

Sector: Residential

Client: NEXA Finance

Service Provided: Building Consultancy: Development Monitoring Services

Challenge: Monitoring and ensuring the progression of North Sands’ prestigious residential development in line with the outlined timescales and quality standards.

Client Testimonial

Andrew Goodbody, Head of Business Development at NEXA Finance said: “We were pleased to appoint Innes England once again on this development project. We were highly impressed with the level of detail provided us throughout the project.”

The Solution

Development Monitoring by Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team:

Regular project updates: Provided consistent updates on the project’s progress, ensuring it aligned with the planned timescales.

Site inspections and reporting: Conducted numerous site inspections, producing detailed reports on the quality of work and progress in line with the expenditure.

Value assessment: Evaluated the value of the works inspected against the value claimed, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Fund release certification: Certified the release of funds to the developer, safeguarding the lender’s investment.

The Results

Quality assurance: Ensured high standards of construction were maintained throughout the development.

Timely progression: The project progressed smoothly and in accordance with the outlined timelines.

Investor confidence: Provided NEXA Finance with detailed insights and confidence in the development’s quality and progression.

Repeated engagement: This project marked the second successful engagement for Innes England on a Cow Lane development, reflecting our reliability and expertise.

Mike Thorne, Head of Building Consultancy:

“Following the success of the first Cow Lane development, we were delighted to provide an elevated level of confidence to our client on the quality of works and how the scheme progressed throughout. It is a stunning sought-after location and a great local project to be involved in.”

Jonty Senior of Taynton Construction Management:

“This is our second project with North Sands Developments. With a combination of larch cladding and render, the properties really stand out against the woodland backdrop. We are looking forward to progressing with the final stages.”


The Cow Lane development monitoring case study highlights Innes England’s excellence in providing comprehensive building consultancy services, particularly in development monitoring. Acting on behalf of NEXA Finance, the team ensured the prestigious residential project met its timelines and quality standards, offering peace of mind and confidence to the lender. The success of this project not only underlines our expertise in the field but also the ability to build lasting client relationships through consistent, high-quality service delivery.