Dilapidations Claim Resolution at Kelham Hall, Newark

Posted: 8th March 2024

Author: Mike Thorne

The Brief

Project: Kelham Hall, Newark.

Sector: Historical Landmark

Client: Owner of Kelham Hall.

Service provided: Building Consultancy: Dilapidations Claim Management.

Challenge: Responding to a significant £1.6 million dilapidations claim against the client for a Grade I listed building, renowned for its high Victorian Gothic architecture.

Client Testimonial

The owner of Kelham Hall expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome: “Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team provided an exceptional response to the dilapidations claim. Their use of advanced technology and strategic negotiation skills not only protected our financial interests but also preserved the historical significance of Kelham Hall. The resolution of the claim with no cost to us was an outstanding achievement.”

The Solution

Strategic Dilapidations Management by Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team:

Detailed lease analysis: Conducted an in-depth review of lease documents to fully understand the obligations and rights of the client.

Advanced technology utilisation: Employed the latest technology, including thermal imaging and drone surveys, to gather comprehensive data and substantiate the response to the claim.

Expert negotiation: Leveraged their expertise and findings from the technological assessments to negotiate the claim, linked to an agreement for the sale of the property.

The Results

Complete claim resolution: Successfully resolved the £1.6 million dilapidations claim with a remarkable 100% saving for the client.

Settlement achieved: Brought the settlement amount down from the initial claim of £1.6 million to £0, effectively nullifying the financial impact on the client.

Preservation of historical architecture: Ensured the integrity and historical significance of the Grade I listed Kelham Hall were maintained throughout the process.


Kelham Hall profiles Innes England’s expertise in handling complex dilapidations claims, particularly for historically significant properties. A methodical approach, incorporating advanced technological assessments and strategic negotiation, led to the successful resolution of a substantial claim, saving the client a significant amount. This achievement highlights Innes England’s commitment to providing tailored and effective solutions in building consultancy, ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients.