Dunchurch Road, Rugby – Development Monitoring for Apartment Conversion

Posted: 8th March 2024

Author: Mike Thorne

The Brief

Project: Conversion and extension of a former care home into apartments

Location: Dunchurch Road, Rugby

Client: Lloyds (funder)

Sector: Care, Apartments

Service provided: Building Consultancy: Development Monitoring Services

Challenge: To oversee the transformation of a former care home into nine high-quality apartments, ensuring the project’s progress aligned with the funder’s expectations and minimised potential financial risks.

Client Testimonial

A representative from Lloyds, the project funder, remarked: “We are impressed with Innes England’s development monitoring services. Their frequent site inspections and detailed appraisal reports have been invaluable in protecting our investment and ensuring the project progresses as planned.”

The Solution

Proactive Development Monitoring by Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team:

Regular site inspections: Conducted frequent and thorough site visits to monitor the construction progress, ensuring adherence to the project timeline and quality standards.

Detailed appraisal reports: Provided comprehensive appraisal reports capturing meticulous details of the project’s progression, keeping the funder well-informed.

Risk management: Focused on identifying and mitigating any potential financial risks throughout the development process.

The Results

Effective oversight: Ensured the successful conversion and extension of the former care home into apartments through diligent monitoring and reporting.

Funder assurance: Delivered peace of mind to Lloyds by maintaining strict oversight and transparent communication, mitigating potential financial risks.

Project progression: The project progressed smoothly, with regular updates and detailed insights provided to the funder on the development’s status.


The development project on Dunchurch Road in Rugby showcases Innes England’s expertise in providing comprehensive development monitoring services. The approach not only facilitated the smooth conversion of a former care home into high-quality apartments but also provided the funder with the necessary oversight to protect their financial interests. This case study portrays Innes England’s commitment to delivering diligent and detailed services, ensuring successful project outcomes for clients.