Egstow Park, Clay Cross – Development Monitoring Services

Posted: 8th March 2024

Author: Mike Thorne

The Brief

Project: Egstow Park, Clay Cross.

Sector: Retail.

Client: Development Funders.

Service Provided: Building Consultancy and Property & Asset Management: Development Monitoring Services. Property Management.

Challenge: Overseeing the construction of a new Home Bargains and Costa Coffee Drive-Thru, managing potential risks, and ensuring the project aligns with the funders’ expectations.

Client Testimonial

A representative from the development funders praised Innes England’s work: “The Building Consultancy Team at Innes England provided exceptional development monitoring services, ensuring the smooth completion of our project at Egstow Park. Their attention to detail and commitment to safeguarding our interests have been crucial to the project’s success.”

The Solution

Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team’s Approach:

Risk Assessment and Management: Employed meticulous due diligence and conducted frequent site inspections to assess and manage potential risks.

Development Monitoring: Provided continuous monitoring services throughout the development, ensuring compliance with construction standards and safety regulations.

Client Interest Protection: Focused on protecting the interests of the client, maintaining full control over the development process.

Post-Construction Management: Innes England’s Property & Asset Management Team took over the management of the newly developed retail spaces, preparing for operational success and future growth.

Stakeholder Engagement: Focused on working with tenants, local communities, and other stakeholders to maximise the investment’s value and community impact.

The Results

Successful Completion: Efficiently managed the construction, leading to the successful completion of the Home Bargains and Costa Coffee Drive-Thru.

Client Satisfaction: Delivered the project in line with the development funders’ requirements, ensuring their investment was well managed and secure.

Asset Management Transition: Post-construction, Innes England’s Property Asset Management Team took over the management of the investment, preparing for its operational phase and future growth.


The Egstow Park case study demonstrates Innes England’s expertise in development monitoring, showcasing their ability to manage complex construction projects effectively. Their diligent approach in overseeing the development of the Home Bargains and Costa Coffee Drive-Thru ensured that the project met the high standards expected by the development funders, ultimately delivering a successful and valuable retail addition to Clay Cross. The seamless transition to property asset management highlights Innes England’s comprehensive service offering, extending beyond construction to the long-term success of the development.