Henton & Chattell’s Industrial Acquisition

Posted: 18th December 2023

Author: Peter Doleman

The Brief

Client and Location: Henton & Chattell, Abbeyfield Road, Nottingham

Sector: Industrial & Warehouse

Services provided: Agency – Acquisition; Building Consultancy – Pre-acquisition Condition Surveys

The Challenge: Henton & Chattell faced the task of securing a new industrial property that aligned with its specific size and location needs, crucial for uninterrupted business operations. The company needed a 30,000 – 50,000 sq ft space near its existing location and was struggling to find a suitable property, despite previous efforts with another agency.

Client Testimonial

Peter Chaloner, managing director of Henton and Chattell, said: “Innes England’s team was a great help throughout the sale and were responsive and receptive to our thoughts and feedback. Once they found the right opportunity for us, they wasted no time in securing it. We look forward to working with them again.”

The Solution

Innes England’s integrated approach was pivotal in addressing this challenge:

Initial assessment and strategy: Utilising in-depth market knowledge and insights, Innes England identified a perfect off-market property that met all of Henton & Chattell’s criteria. The transaction strategy included a conditional acquisition based on vacant possession, effectively outperforming other interested parties.

Pre-acquisition survey: Our Building Consultancy team conducted a thorough pre-acquisition survey, confirming the property as a sound investment.

Collaboration and expertise: A collaborative effort between our Agency & Development Team and Building Consultancy Team provided a holistic understanding of the property’s condition and potential.

The Results

Successful completion: Henton & Chattell not only acquired the desired site but also gained an additional income stream through the property’s office space.

Portfolio investment: This strategic acquisition has facilitated continuous business growth for Henton & Chattell and added a lucrative asset to its portfolio.


This case study exemplifies Innes England’s expertise in leveraging market knowledge and strategic acumen to surpass client expectations in the industrial property sector.