MHA Aldersgate, Refurbishment Works and Fire Door Replacement

Posted: 18th December 2023

Author: Mike Thorne

The Brief

Client and Location: Methodist Homes

Project: Refurbishment and fire door works

Sector: Healthcare – care home provider

Services Provided: Building Consultancy – Design & Project Management

Challenge: MHA Aldersgate required comprehensive contract administration and project management for refurbishment works and fire door replacement, with a focus on completing the project on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to the care home’s daily operations.

The Solution

Initial validation survey: Conducted a thorough survey to identify the necessary works, and prepared a detailed work specification.

Tender process: Managed the tender process, including the analysis of tender returns and the appointment of a suitable contractor.

Project management: Provided project management duties once the contractor was on site. Collaborated with the client and the contractor to develop a phasing plan that minimised disruption to the client’s operations.

Expenditure tracking: Monitored the project budget meticulously to prevent unexpected costs.

Regular communication: Maintained open lines of communication with all stakeholders, ensuring a smooth progress and addressing any concerns promptly.

The Results

Timely completion: The refurbishment works and fire door installations were completed according to the planned schedule.

Budget efficiency: Managed to conclude the project under the allocated budget.

Minimal disruption: Successfully minimised the impact of construction on the care home’s residents and staff.


The MHA Aldersgate case study is a prime example of Innes England’s capacity to manage complex healthcare sector projects, with precision and sensitivity to the care home environment. Our structured approach to contract administration and project management ensured that the refurbishment and fire door works were completed to the highest standards, on time, and under budget, all while maintaining the utmost respect for the facility’s operations and occupants’ comfort.