Roof Refurbishment Project at Buoyant Upholstery, Nelson

Posted: 8th March 2024

Author: Mike Thorne

The Brief

Client: Buoyant Upholstery.

Location: Nelson.

Sector: Industrial

Project value: £260,000.00.

Service provided: Building Consultancy: Roof Condition Survey, Design and Project Management

Challenge: To assess, plan, and manage the over-cladding of a furniture production warehouse, ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance with legislation.

Client Testimonial

A representative from Buoyant Upholstery remarked: “The Innes England team has been instrumental in guiding us through the roof refurbishment process. Their expertise in managing the survey, tendering, and project management ensured that the project was not only cost-effective but also completed to the highest standards. We are impressed with the progress and look forward to the project’s successful completion.”

The Solution

Comprehensive Consultancy by Innes England’s Building Consultancy Team:

Roof condition survey: Conducted an extensive survey of the existing roof, evaluating repair options and providing recommendations with budget costs.

Tender procurement: Managed the tendering process to select the appropriate contractors for the over-cladding work, ensuring quality and value.

Project management: Collaborated with Norwest Industrial Roofing Limited to oversee the over-cladding project, ensuring smooth execution and adherence to timelines.

The Results

Effective over-cladding: Approximately 1000sqm of the warehouse roof was successfully over-clad, with works progressing well.

Cost-effective solutions: Provided the client with advice on the most cost-effective options for the refurbishment, optimising their investment value.

Timely completion: The project was set up in late July 2021, with completion planned for early October, demonstrating efficient project management and execution.

Regulatory compliance: Ensured that all refurbishment works complied with relevant legislation, protecting the client from potential legal issues.

Visual evidence: The progress of the project was well-documented through photographs, showcasing the extensive area of over-cladding completed and the quality of the works undertaken.


Buoyant Upholstery in Nelson highlights Innes England’s capability in delivering comprehensive building consultancy services for industrial projects. Our detailed roof condition survey, effective tender procurement, and efficient project management ensured that the over-cladding of the warehouse was executed effectively, within budget, and in compliance with all regulations. Innes England’s director-led approach and collaboration with skilled contractors like Norwest Industrial Roofing Limited demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality, value-driven solutions for clients.