SV Timber’s Industrial Unit Disposal on Belfield Street, Ilkeston

Posted: 2nd November 2023

Author: Peter Doleman

The Brief

Client and Location: SV Timber, Belfield Street, Ilkeston

Sector: Industrial & Warehouse

Services Provided: Agency – Sales

Challenge: SV Timber, a long-standing client of Innes England’s, is a timber company that was in the process of relocating to a new, larger premise of 40,000 sq ft at Blenheim Industrial Estate.The client was concerned with avoiding double overheads that would arise from maintaining its old premises on Belfield Street, while trading from the new location.

Client Testimonial

The vendor commented: “We would like to thank Scott and the Innes England team for making the sale a smooth process. We have worked with Innes England on numerous occasions before and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

The Solution

Innes England’s Agency & Development Team’s approach:

Initial assessment and strategy: Innes England recognised the importance of a quick sale and deployed a proactive marketing campaign targeting potential buyers who could act swiftly.

Strong marketing campaign: The campaign’s effectiveness was evident as it attracted five interested parties within a week of the property being listed. Three of these parties submitted offers, reflecting the strong demand and Innes England’s ability to generate a competitive sales environment.

The Results

Successful completion: The result was a successful sale of the industrial unit on Belfield Street within a matter of weeks, significantly reducing the risk of double overheads for the client.

Client satisfaction: The expedient sale by Innes England allowed SV Timber to transition smoothly to its new facility, without the financial burden of the former property, enabling the firm to focus on business growth and operations at the new location.


In conclusion, the expedited sale of SV Timber’s Belfield Street industrial unit is a testament to the tailored approach and diligent work ethic of Innes England. Through a targeted marketing campaign and strategic sales expertise, we not only met SV Timber’s specific needs but exceeded them, achieving a sale within weeks and eliminating potential financial drawbacks of double overheads. The client’s commendation reinforces our reputation for excellence and ability to deliver seamless, efficient property transactions. This case study demonstrates our commitment to providing client-centred solutions that yield swift, successful outcomes in the commercial property sector.