Victoria Retail Park, Worksop

Posted: 11th March 2024

Author: Grace Conisbee


Client and location: Victoria Retail Park, located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Sector: Retail

Services provided: Property & Asset Management: Service Charge Management, Rent Collection, Property Management.

Challenge: The retail park previously suffered from suboptimal management, necessitating a new approach. The introduction of new features such as electric car charging points was also a key focus.

Client Testimonial

“We are delighted to have Innes England as our new managing agent for the retail park. It provides an excellent and efficient service to us, the tenants and the visitors, implementing new offers such as electric car charging points while keeping overall costs low.”
David Pigott, Landlord at Victoria Retail Park

The Solution

Comprehensive property & asset management services by Innes England included:

  • Tenant collaboration: Engaged closely with major tenants like Home Bargains, Asda and Farmfoods, ensuring their needs and expectations were met.
  • Service charge and rent collection: Implemented efficient service charge management and rent collection processes to ensure the smooth operation of the retail park.
  • Sustainability and innovation: Advised on sustainability initiatives, including the installation of electric car charging points.

The Results

  • Enhanced management efficiency: The retail park experienced increased efficiency in management, benefiting both the landlord and tenants.
  • Sustainable development: The addition of electric car charging points marks a significant step towards sustainable practices.
  • Tenant satisfaction: Big-name tenants reported high-quality services, enhancing the appeal and functionality of the retail park for occupants and visitors.
  • Landlord approval: The landlord, David Pigott, expressed delight with the new management, citing improved service quality and cost-efficiency.


Victoria Retail Park demonstrates Innes England’s ability to effectively manage complex retail spaces, ensuring efficiency, tenant satisfaction and meeting sustainability requirements. A proactive approach and commitment to innovative solutions like electric car charging points exemplify our role as a leader in commercial property asset management in the East Midlands, offering comprehensive services that maximise value and enhance the retail environment for clients, tenants and visitors alike.

“We’re really pleased to be taking over the management of Victoria Retail Park. Working with such big-name tenants is always a plus and we’re excited to continue to offer high quality services to occupiers and visitors to the site, as well as increasing efficiency for the landlord.”

Grace Conisbee, Management Surveyor at Innes England