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Off-Market Acquisition of Kings Crescent, Derby

Posted: 3rd July 2024

Author: Ben Robinson

The Brief

Client and location: Kings Crescent, Derby, DE1
Sector: Private Rented Sector (PRS)
Service provided: Investment Acquisitions
Challenge: Innes England’s Investment department identified an exceptional off-market investment opportunity for a specialist PRS fund. The target; a newly built 34-unit residential scheme alongside an adjoining part-built mews block situated in the heart of Derby.

The approach

Understanding the importance of exclusivity and timing in investment, Innes England utilised its extensive network and market insight to source this opportunity before it hit the open market. Our team’s proactive approach ensured the client had early access to a high-potential asset without facing competitive pressures.

Sourcing: Leveraging industry connections and market intelligence, we identified the Kings Crescent development as a prime investment for our client, well ahead of its scheduled full marketing phase.

Advisory: Provided comprehensive advisory services tailored to the client’s specific needs, ensuring they had all necessary information and strategic advice to proceed with confidence.

Due Diligence: Conducted thorough due diligence to assess the viability and potential returns of the investment, focusing on both the fully built residential units and the partially completed mews block.

Negotiation: Facilitated smooth negotiations, ensuring favourable terms and conditions for our client, while maintaining a collaborative relationship with the seller.

The Results

The acquisition of Kings Crescent resulted in the client securing a high-quality asset in a prime location ahead of competitors. This proactive off-market purchase not only enhanced the client’s portfolio, but also provided an immediate income stream from the existing residential units and future growth potential from the mews block.


Innes England’s ability to source and secure off-market deals highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional investment opportunities for our clients. The successful acquisition of Kings Crescent demonstrates our strategic approach, industry expertise, and dedication to maximising client value.