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As a leading UK-wide commercial property agency, Innes England stands at the forefront of the investment market, offering unparalleled insights and expertise. Our understanding of the dynamic nature of current market conditions and trends spans across diverse sectors including industrial, PRS, office, and roadside.

Our advice is not only timely and precise but also trusted by a wide array of clients including institutions, property companies, family offices, and private investors. We specialise in maximising the exit values of commercial property investments across the UK.

As a provider of integrated property services, we are your partner across the entire investment process. Our director-led advice coupled with the depth of our local market knowledge and data ensures our clients are always put in front of the right opportunities.

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The Innes England difference

Our extensive network across major UK locations provides us with deep, established market knowledge. We are adept at identifying key players in the market – understanding who is buying, who is selling, and crucially, at what price point. Our strategic, director-led advice enables you to make swift, well-informed investment decisions.

Coupled with the expertise of our dedicated team and access to integrated services, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, underlining our proven track record in delivering exceptional investment consultancy services.

Investment Acquisitions

We have an unrivalled position in the Midlands commercial property market, being one of the most active, as well as one of the most well-informed agencies in the area.

This gives us a unique advantage when it comes to advising our clients on current market conditions and trends shaping the industrial, PRS, office and roadside sectors.

It means that our advice is timely and accurate, and as a result, we are trusted by institutions, property companies, family offices and private investors to secure the right investment opportunities often ahead of marketing or entirely off market at the best price.

Investment Asset Management & Strategic Portfolio Advice

Our aim is to make sure your individual commercial property or portfolio is producing the best possible return. We will assess your portfolio and provide strategic advice on value-enhancing initiatives, portfolio diversification and futureproofing.

With Innes England, you have the added advantage of services that address the full commercial property lifecycle, be it valuations, management, leasing or building surveying.

How can we help?

The Investment team at Innes England is composed of highly skilled professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in commercial property. Renowned for their market insights and extensive network, which they leverage to provide the best outcomes for our clients. Please contact them to discuss your needs:

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