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We work with commercial property investors and landlords on all commercial property assets and land, be it single-let properties to diverse portfolios including industrial schemes, retail parks and office developments.

Our clients trust us to collect rent, and insurance as well as overseeing day to day service charge management.

With our continual investment in the latest technology, we can provide timely and transparent financial and property reporting, maintenance management and tendering and ensure continual statutory compliance.

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Rental and financial collection

We ensure that all rent, service charges, insurance and any other sums due under the terms of the occupational agreement are promptly raised and collected with debt control measures in place when on the rare occasion this doesn’t happen i.e. CRAR/ SCRAR.

We provide detailed financial statements to clients, VAT reports and other financial requirements in line with agreed parameters.


Data has become an extremely important part of property management. We use industry-specific software for holding and managing all client and tenant data, always ensuring compliance with the RICS client accounting procedures.

Cutting-edge software alerts us to all key lease events such as rent reviews, lease expiries, H&S matters and break options so that we can anticipate your every need.


Service Charge management

The importance of service charges in a commercial property lease can vary depending on the nature of the property, its size and its use.

Innes England provides full management and administration of service charges, producing budgets on anticipated expenditure, raising demands for monies due, arranging for any works to be carried out within the budget and dealing with repair, maintenance and compliance matters through to resolution. We also produce year-end accounts and oversee any service charge reconciliation.

Repairs, maintenance & contractor management

It is essential that when it comes to repairs and maintenance of a commercial property, the third party are experts in their field and understand every single aspect of property maintenance. You need the reassurance that everything is being properly taken care of.

At Innes England, we have long-standing and excellent relationships with local and national suppliers of the best in value, high standards, competency and efficiency. Our robust selection process ensures competitive quotations from approved contractors on our Approved Contractors Register which is reviewed annually for performance, quality, cost and delivery.

Your Innes England team will personally oversee all work carried out to ensure that it is completed on time and on budget.

Property inspections & reporting

Regular inspections of your property and reporting to clients on the condition, any repairs or maintenance is an important part of ensuring your property retains and grows in value and return.

We liaise with tenants to ensure that they are occupying and maintaining properties in line with the provisions in their leases and we can implement any actions required in line with leasehold obligations and clients’ instructions. If any work needs to be carried out, the consent of all parties is gained, and we make sure that the contractor proceeds in an efficient manner.

Building insurance

If you own a commercial property, you’ll need insurance to protect it. We can recommend services that best suit your purpose and liaise with brokers on your behalf about building insurance premiums. After that, we take away the stress of recharging the premium and will collect monies accordingly. We will also review your contract at appropriate intervals to ensure you are getting the best cover for your money and give advice on all recharges to tenants from landlords.

Vacant property management

Vacant property management ensures that your property is always safe and secure, that it is regularly monitored and inspected and that any maintenance or problems are taken care of.

We work with agents when applicable on any future changes or developments and ensure that all building insurance and statutory requirements are fully met. Where necessary we also liaise with local authorities on matters pertaining to the building.

Sustainable property management

At Innes England, we not only care about your property, but we also care about the wider environment and how our actions today will affect our future. We work with tenants and clients alike towards their green energy and sustainability goals.

We work closely with our building surveying team in making sure that any alteration and building works do not affect EPC’s and energy performance and to ensure a smooth process, we get total agreement from all parties before work starts.

We have adopted an agile ethos, reducing waste and improving the efficiency of the process wherever possible and ensuring that contractors conduct operations in a sustainable manner.

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