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We can assist landlords and tenants with understanding their lease obligations relating to the inevitable dilapidations claim, including repair, reinstatement, redecoration, and compliance with statute. We can help plan in advance, determine potential liability and ensure a claim or challenge to a claim is successful.

Our director-led, and experienced team of chartered surveyors can make a professional assessment of dilapidations and can guide landlords and tenants with the decisions that have to be made when considering lease renewal, exercising a break clause or can assist with a surrender.

All our building surveyors have extensive experience in advising landlords and occupiers on all dilapidations matters including:

  • Preparing terminal schedules of dilapidations
  • Preparing interim schedules of dilapidations during lease terms
  • Negotiating financial settlements for landlords and tenants on termination of a lease
  • Preparing dilapidations assessment reports prior to new leases being granted or during the term of the lease
  • Providing schedules of condition at lease commencement
  • S18(1) valuations
  • Advising on VAT for dilapidations


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Q. When should tenants seek dilapidations advice?

A. Commercial property tenants should always take dilapidations advice as early as possible and before agreeing to the terms of a new lease to minimise future costs. We can assist tenants during the lease term and, most commonly, when approaching the end of the lease or shortly after the end of the term when a landlord is expected to send a dilapidations claim to the tenant. It is common for most landlords’ claims to be reduced from the original figure being claimed by the landlord.

Q. When should tenants seek dilapidations advice?

A. Commercial property dilapidations settlements in the UK are regarded as payments for damages so are not typically subject to VAT. However, an allowance for VAT can be included within the settlement figure if a landlord will incur VAT and is not able to recover it from HMRC.

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